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aliveinvr AliveInTechnology Ltd

Reviews from Steam:

"If you own a vr headset and ableton live, this simply is a must have! It's like being in a meditation room with your music. Nothing's gonna distract you. It's you and the sound! Also the company who made this embraces all your suggestions in how to enhance this app... 10/10!
Btw it's way too cheap!" Gard1ner

"Imagine an Ableton Push blown up to the size of a wall and you'll know exactly what this is and just how much you can do with it. This is very nicely done indeed. AliveInVR is implemented as a standard Ableton MIDI controller which means you can pretty much grab any of your existing sets, jump right in and know what's going on... []" whichdokta


AliveInVR is not in any way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Ableton AG. 
Ableton®, Live™ and Push® are trademarks of Ableton AG. 

Control Ableton Live from VR

Windows Mixed Reality

Control Ableton Live from VR

Trigger Clips and Scenes

Play instruments and drum-racks

Control the step sequencer

Shape the sounds with XYZ controllers

Collaborate, perform or spectate

Invite others to join you in your session

12 Avatars to choose from

High quality networked audio

Voice chat

Spatial mixing

Route audio direct from Live using ASIO

Realtime waveform display

Binaural positioning of clips

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