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Press Pack

Welcome to the Tranzient press pack.
Tranzient is a music making sandbox running on the Meta Quest VR headsets. 
Think of it as taking the fun live looping aspects of a DAW into VR/MR
Make beats and tunes using synths, decks, 
drum kits and FX in realtime.

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Youtube Trailer
   Hand Tracking Demo

Click here for logos, screenshots and videos


  • Loop based workflow with built in pitch and time stretch

    • Arrange loops into scenes just like the most popular DAWs for live looping/triggering​

    • Loops conform to global pitch and BPM 

    • Use your own samples and one shots

  • ​Sample based kits​

    • Selection of​ electronic and acoustic kits

    • Add audio FX at kit or one shot level

  • Synths​

    • Modular synth with patchable LFOs​, automatable parameters

    • ROMpler style synth with sound library

  • AudioFX​

    • Add Audio FX like bitcrusher, reverbs, delays​ to any loop or instrument

    • Control Audio FX with a 3D UI

  • Decks​

    • Create seamless mixes with decks, auto timestretched and pitch shifted to fit

  • VFX and Video​

    • Add beatsynced audio reactive visual FX​ and video

    • Load your own video, build your own video wall

  • Mo-cap and mic recording​

    • Record and replay your movement​ in VR

    • Loop record your mic alongside the mo-cap

  • Use hand tracking and mixed reality​

    • All features work with hand tracking, pinch a knob and tweak a parameter, directly use a patch bay with your hands, hit drums or synth notes to perform.

    • Arrange instruments in your own room using passthrough, see the real world at the same time as building your tunes.

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