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The basics

The basics

How to connect to Ableton

To add support for Ableton 11, the MIDI remote scripts need updating:

1 - Download the zip from here:

2 - Delete all files in C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 11 Suite\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts\AliveInVR. Change the drive if you installed Ableton to a different hard drive.

3 - Copy the contents of the zip file you downloaded into C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 11 Suite\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts\AliveInVR.

4 - Start/Restart Ableton Live 11.

How to connect to Ableton Live

How to stream or record video

ASIO setup

How to get social

Loop MIDI to route MIDI to and from Live

Spout and OBS to stream and record video of performances


How does AliveInVR connect to Live?

A MIDI loopback driver is needed to control Ableton Live. LoopMIDI is a good driver to use. See the tutorial video on how to set it up.

Does AliveInVR come with Ableton Live?

No, you need your own copy of Live. A free trial is available from the Ableton website.

What parts of Live can I control?

  • Session clips and scenes

  • Mixer track levels, sends, panning and record enables

  • Realtime triggering of drum racks and instruments

  • Step Sequencer

  • Continuous controllers and Macros

  • Loop record, arrange record and global transport controls

I have an idea or an issue, where can I submit it?

Use the forum in Steam to add feature requests and issues.

What versions of Ableton Live are supported?

V9.7 and greater.

I can't find the AliveInVR control surface in Live's MIDI setup?

If Ableton Live was installed after AliveInVR, the setup needs re-running to install the AliveInVR scripts into Ableton Live's MIDI remote script folder. To re-install the scripts:

  1. Right click on AliveInVR in Steam
  2. Choose Manage

  3. Click on Browse Local Files

  4. From the folder displayed run Setup

How do I get the lowest latency when triggering drumracks and instruments?

To get the lowest latency, use an audio interface with low latency audio rather than routing audio direct to your VR headset's I/O.

The best latency when routed direct to your headset is achieved by using the custom ASIO driver which routes audio direct from Ableton Live into AliveInVR.

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