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Thanks for testing Tranzient with your index controllers. Key mappings below

To use the beta, right click on tranzient in steam, choose properties, go to the betas tab.
Then type in GabesBeardIsLong as the password code. 
Now choose 'new_index_mappings_beta' in the betas drop down and exit and restart steam to kick the download into action.


The app tutorials don't have the index controller models in them yet, these will be added once the key mappings are pinned down.

Previously, index used the standard mappings across from Vive and left the user to create custom mappings.

The new beta uses the latest unreal engine version that has valve index specific mappings.

Stuff to try:

- Smooth locomotion/movement using the joysticks

- Pickup up items with the grab, whilst grabbing use the joysticks to move the items around/rotate

- Trigger items or menus (e.g. point and shoot a drum)

- Click the trackpad to teleport

- Click the A buttons to teleport

- Click the B buttons for 3D control, this should show a sparkly thing around your hands

- Do your virtual hands open and close on grabbing?

- Grab items with two hands and move hands apart/closer to scale items.

- Hit Drums/synth notes directly with your hands to trigger

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