Make Music In Virtual Reality

Windows Mixed Reality

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Live Looping in VR

  • Loops automatically play in time and in key

  • 1.5 Gb library with keyword browser

  • Use your own loops

  • MPC/Ableton like workflow

  • Use from the desktop or from VR

  • Use decks to create a continuous mix



  • Trigger anything (sound or visual) with grid controls

  • Loop record with record quantize

  • Swing quantize

  • Undo/Redo

Beat synced VFX and Video

  • Trigger 3D visual effects with the sequencer or from one shots

  • Play video looped and synced to the beat

  • Set VFX and video to any size

  • Collection of audio reactive VFX


Play kits


  • Play drumkits and sample kits

  • Low latency playback

  • Loop record. Trig VFX from drum hits

Audio FX

  • Apply to loops, one-shots or entire scenes, songs or kits

  • VST3 FX and internal FX - Filter, Reverbs, Distortions, Chorus, Phaser

  • Loop record parameters

  • Assign parameters to 3D controllers



  • Fully editable subtractive synth

  • Wavetable synth with >250 Sounds

  • Assign parameters to 3D controllers

  • Loop record performance and synth parameters

  • Choose scale and key

  • Use any VST3 instrument

Get Social

  • Choose from > 20 Avatars

  • Join others to collaborate, perform or spectate

  • Voice chat

  • Choose from many environments

  • Invite Steam/Oculus friends